Monday, 25 February 2013

Barry M GreenBerry NoTD

Just a quickie

I couldn't wait to try the other Barry M 'Gelly' nail polish in GreenBerry.

I love it to bits, it's quite similar to Green Room from Topshop but I much prefer the application of this one. Slightly patchy on a few fingers again, so three coats would have probably been better.

What do you think?

£3.99 at Boots/Superdrug :-)

Saturday, 23 February 2013

BARRY M Gelly NOTD - Dragon

Following on from my last Barry M 'gelly' post I was happy to find several new shades in Superdrug which are very spring appropriate. I picked up two, but today I will featuring the pretty pink one, it's called 'DRAGON'.
Application was a bit thin and streaky and at 2 coats (2 coats in pictures) it could probably do with a third for full opaqueness! It is still super shiny and jelly looking, but a third would've made them even better (I was painting them half asleep at 1am or I would've added a third)
Overall I am really impressed, I think Barry M is my new favourite for nail polishes!
Available at Boots £3.99 each or currently on 2 for £6! They have a lovely nude I wish I'd bought now! Hmm. I will feature the minty colour once I have tried it out :-)

Have a lovely weekend girls

Friday, 8 February 2013

Revlon Valentines NOTD

It's almost the weekend, yay! :)

These nails are from about a month a go when I was ghostly pale haha, but I thought I'd still post this as I really liked the result.. and they're kind of appropriate for Valentines too :)

I don't own many Revlon polishes so I was excited to try these two out and I'm very impressed, application was lovely, smooth, pigmented and dried really quickly, I have no complaints.

The gold polish was limited edition so I doubt it's about in shops now, it's basically a clear polish with gold flecks, I'm sure Barry M has one not too dissimilar to this :-). What do you think?

Have a nice weekend, everybody x

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

January Favourites 2013

 I haven't done a favourites in months and months, but as it's the new year I figured I would start a fresh and hopefully I'll come across enough amazing products to warrant putting these posts up monthly!


Rimmel Scandeleyes Mascara £5.49; I discovered this mascara towards the end of 2012 and I just bought it because I had run out, it was on offer and it was 'extreme black'. I have actually really enjoyed it and I will be repurchasing. It is indeed extremely black, it gives me a lot of volume and doesnt flake down my face after a few hours! I will do a review of this soon.

 Loreal Caresse 06 'Aprodite Scarlet' lipstick, around £7; I saw this in one of Ghostparties videos and went straight out and bought it. The beauty of this lipstick is that it can be worn sheer or really built up. It's beautifully smooth it almost feels like nothing is on my lips when I wear it. It definitely gives the lips a 'juicy' look if that makes sense, lol.
Rimmel Kate Moss 107, around £6; Probably the most famous lusted after lipstick of 2012? Who doesn't have it?! It's a gorgoeus deep berry shade with a bit of red that stops it being too vampy! 107 is marketed as a matte but it has a slight sheen and isn't too drying so it isn't entirely a matte! I love it with simple eye make up and groomed brows it gives a really polished, chic look!

Barry M Gelly 'Blueberry nail polish £3.99; Favourite nail polish of the month, post and swatches here.

 MAC pigment gift o glamour, I have forgotten what christmas collection I got this from as I'm so behind on MAC nowadays but I kind of just dug this out by accident and have used it every day since. Really gorgeous peachy shimmery pigment. I love these little pots as you can try the pigments for a fraction of the price of a full sized one and they're not as messy. I am totally unsure as to whether this is avaliable to buy from MAC today.

Benefit high beam, around £24; I absolutely love this highlighter, I'm not sure that I would spend £24 on it but since coming off of my acne medication, not having a single spot for 5 months and not having oily skin anymore it has been amazing to whack highlighter on my face and not be constantly worrying that It'd break me out or accentuate any spots that I might have. So really, highlighters in general, they're amazing and I love my new skin!

What are your favourite this month? Hope everyones week is going great! x

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Barry M Gelly - Blueberry

I am so over winter now, dont get me wrong I have loved the snow and feeling incredibly cosy indoors whilst its ridicously cold outdoors, but I'm just praying for the slightly warmer weather to appear now, coats and scarves are too heavy! 

Anyways, in an attempt to brighten my day, I popped out and picked up this beautiful polish from the new(ish) barry my 'gelly' line earlier this week. It's a lilac/baby ish blue colour and I love it! It's super shiny and really does have a gel like finish although I've found that hard to capture on camera! I've always been a fan of Barry M's polishes, I think they on par with the likes of Essie and OPI which are much more expensive than the £3.99 this little beauty cost!

Blueberry £3.99 10ml

Currently these polishes are on 3 for 2 in Boots and I am highly tempted to go back and pick up a few more ready for Spring. 'Watermelon' looks gorgeous! Have you tried 'Blueberry'? Thoughts?