Monday, 28 February 2011

models own - juicy jules♥

I love a glittery nail polish, but don't use them all that much because as everyone knows they are such a faff to remove. On Saturday evening however I was feeling even more 'bleeurghh' than usual, so with that I decided it was time for some sparkle.
I opted for Juicy Jules by the fabulous Models Own. I didn't want a full on sparkle-fest so I applied a base - misty grey, also by Models Own.

I've blogged about my love for Models Own polishes many times, but just to repeat myself one more time. Application is lovely - just the right consistancy, opaque, reasonably quick drying time and what you see in the bottle is what you get on your nails.
Misty Grey is a really pretty, pale milky grey. I don't particularly like this one on it's own (on me) because my hands just look weird with a polish as pale as this (my hands look alot darker in the picture than they are in real life for some odd reason). It is a breeze to apply though. I just wish the colour suited me.
I tried really, really hard to capture the beauty of 'Juicy Jules' but I think I've failed. In real life it is super sparkly, and the sparkles are holographic (red, green, blue, green). It's such a fab pick me up nail polish. I can imagine if you really piled this on you would have yourself GOSH Holographic (check out my giveaway for the GOSH one here.) but in glitter form - and it would last longer.  I'm just sorry my pictures don't do this polish any justice.

You can purchase Models Own nail polishes from Boots and the Models Own website.

Thankyou for reading