Monday, 25 February 2013

Barry M GreenBerry NoTD

Just a quickie

I couldn't wait to try the other Barry M 'Gelly' nail polish in GreenBerry.

I love it to bits, it's quite similar to Green Room from Topshop but I much prefer the application of this one. Slightly patchy on a few fingers again, so three coats would have probably been better.

What do you think?

£3.99 at Boots/Superdrug :-)

Saturday, 23 February 2013

BARRY M Gelly NOTD - Dragon

Following on from my last Barry M 'gelly' post I was happy to find several new shades in Superdrug which are very spring appropriate. I picked up two, but today I will featuring the pretty pink one, it's called 'DRAGON'.
Application was a bit thin and streaky and at 2 coats (2 coats in pictures) it could probably do with a third for full opaqueness! It is still super shiny and jelly looking, but a third would've made them even better (I was painting them half asleep at 1am or I would've added a third)
Overall I am really impressed, I think Barry M is my new favourite for nail polishes!
Available at Boots £3.99 each or currently on 2 for £6! They have a lovely nude I wish I'd bought now! Hmm. I will feature the minty colour once I have tried it out :-)

Have a lovely weekend girls

Friday, 8 February 2013

Revlon Valentines NOTD

It's almost the weekend, yay! :)

These nails are from about a month a go when I was ghostly pale haha, but I thought I'd still post this as I really liked the result.. and they're kind of appropriate for Valentines too :)

I don't own many Revlon polishes so I was excited to try these two out and I'm very impressed, application was lovely, smooth, pigmented and dried really quickly, I have no complaints.

The gold polish was limited edition so I doubt it's about in shops now, it's basically a clear polish with gold flecks, I'm sure Barry M has one not too dissimilar to this :-). What do you think?

Have a nice weekend, everybody x