Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Stila sunset..

Now I know I stated in my post a few days ago that 'kitten' was my favourite out of the Stila in the nude palette but I take it back, 'sunset' is my fave. It's nothing ground breakingly original, just a slightly oranged toned bronzey shade which I think really compliments my green eyes. Somehow when working it through the crease it seems to change colour slightly which enables me to just use just this eyeshadow if i'm in a rush. That being said, my shoddy picture which was taken on my iPhone fails to capture this :(... I seriously need camera lessons!
(I apologise for this stupidly small picture)

See, nothing ground breaking but I absolutely love it. What's your current favourite eyeshadow?


Saturday, 28 January 2012

Products of the month.

Well this feels weird..

I haven't blogged in over half a year so excuse me if I ramble on. I thought I'd ease myself in slowly with a favourite products of the month post.

So...first up...

Stila 'In the nude' palette. Yes it's looking a tad grubby but it has been getting a lot of love this month so I forgive myself. In the time I haven't been blogging I have probably bought, at most, 10 pieces of make up... mainly foundations, power, necessities if you will. This however was the only piece that I saw time and time again and just knew I'd end up having to buy it. Obviously I was right because I snapped it up on my 27573883 swatching sesh in boots. The shades are quite similar to Urban Decay's naked palette, but in my opinion they are much better, a lot softer, more pigmented and they 'blend like a dream'. At £27 it's not cheap, but as I use it a lot I don't really mind. My most used shade is........KITTEN (second on the top row) Everyone loves this shade, right? If you would like swatches, please just say in the comments and I will add them in :-).
 Estee Lauder - Raspberry pop!, Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy, MAC Toxic tale, MAC Viva glam gaga (if you would like swatches just ask! :)

I've decided nudes don't suit me, they make me look ill which is never a good look. So I've been using a few of my brighter lippies dabbed on, with a similar shade lip gloss on top. Midnight cowboy is nice applied lightly in the centre of the bottom lip and it smells like candy canes. So yum! Viva glam gaga... I hated this for the longest time, now that I have a tan though, it works and I'm loving it.
Stila Matte bronzer. This has been stuffed to the back of my collection for yonks, recently dug it out and i have really enjoyed using it. Not too orange, blends nicely and looks natural!

Benefit They're real mascara. Okay, I lied, this was another product I had to have. I'm not really a fan of plastic brushes as I don't feel they do much but if I take my time with this one my lashes actually look amazing, really long and separated. Pretty expensive at £18 but definitely worth it!

Loreal super liner gloss - Now this is a biggy! I had never worn black eyeliner, it just looked wrong on me. I was bored one day and tried it out, weirdly I loved it and have been wearing it every day without fail. It is really easy to apply, doesn't transfer and only costs around £6-7 in boots and superdrug!

Garnier BB cream. I love this stuff, I've gone through 2 tubes! First things first, it smells gorgeous, really fresh and herbally. It offers a medium coverage which is what I like and it wears well. It can look very shiny so wearing a powder over top is a must (for me!).

Hope you're all well and having a fab 2012 thus far