Thursday, 31 March 2011

mac 'quite cute' purchases♥

This has to be one of the cutest collections I have ever seen. Packed full with pretty lipsticks and corresponding blushers, I would say this is pretty much a dream collection for me.

The main products that stood out for me were surprise surprise, the mineralize blushes and lipsticks! The eyeshadow palette did at first, but I couldn't bare the thought of ripping it to pieces like I did with my 'cavier dreams' quad, so I just bought 3 permanent eyeshadows I'd been lusting after for ages instead. The lipglosses are pretty, but although I've just blogged about my favourtie lipglosses, I would still choose lipstick over lipgloss, and that I did.

I did try to be good, saving up my empties planning to b2m for the lipsticks, but I'm very impatient so ended up ordering them the day after. I also really want the 'Quite cute' lipstick and 'Mischievous mint' nail polish, but I'm sure you'll know the site is currently down for maintenance. (FYI If you go onto their website now, add something to your basket and enter your email address, you will receive a code for a FREE 'haute and naughty' lash mascara worth £17.50!!! (you have to buy what you've added to your basket obviously.)

Okay so onto the loot...
Miss behave (£18)
'Light Beige with pearly mint green heart' I dont think this blush is beige at all! More of a gorgeous very sheer peach. I don't think i'll be rocking green cheeks anytime soon, so I think i'll try and dig my brush around the sides and use the green as an eyeshadow.
Giggly (£18)
'Light pink with pearly plum heart' I think that is a pretty accurate description. It's just as the description suggest a pretty light pink, perfect for everyday use. I find this one to be alot more pigmented that 'miss behave'.
Sakura (£18)
'Lavender with pearly deep red heart' Such a beautiful blush. I really hope I can pull it off without looking bruised though! Any tips on how to wear a lavendar blush?

Candy yum yum (£13.50-matte)
This is NEON pink, and I bloody well love it! I will probably never wear this out of the house, but I just had to have it (don't hate) My mum looked horrified when I showed her this! haha.
Playtime (£13.50-cremesheen)
Creamy intense violet, this is a more wearable version on 'Violetta' in my opinion. I hope 'playtime' suits me, because Violetta looks dreadful on me!
Playing koi (£13.50-satin)
Creamy white peach pink. This is the nude of the collection. Its quite drying and will empthesize any hint of dry or cracked lips! Not a good look. If you have nice smooth lips though, this is will look amazing. I definately need to get my lips into good condition before I can try it again!
St.germain (amplified)
 I already had this so I thought I'd just include a picture and swatch. This is such a popular lipstick and although i'm not completely in love with it, I do like it! It's a very pigmented, pastel pink with an amplified finish.

and finally the three eyeshadow I purchased..
Star n rockets -Dirty lavender with red/pink reflects
Digit -Soft pale violet with subtle shimmer (Satin)

Deep truth -True dark blue (Frost)
Overall I am really impressed with everything I purchased. When I get the 'Quite Cute' lipstick and 'Mischievous min't nail polish I will add them to this post along with swatches.
What do YOU think of this collection??

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Sunday, 27 March 2011

china glaze 'island escape' summer collection♥

All images from Temptalia.

I just popped onto Temptalia to see if there were any swatches of the 'quite cute' collection and got distracted by the new China Glaze 'Island Escape' summer collection.
 I am officially in love!

I am all about the bright nail polishes at the moment. I've been rocking Gamma and Radium from Illamasqua's toxic nature collection for a week and a half, and I've been thinking about purchasing some nail polishes from last years China glaze summer collection (poolside I think?), which had a tonne of bright/neon shades. I don't need to now though.

 I definitely have to get a few all of the shades from the new summer collection - they just yell summer when you look at them.
Electric Pineapple, Blue Iguana, Senorita Bonita
108 Degrees, Papaya Punch, Cha Cha Cha

Aren't they beautiful!?!

My favourites have got to be..
Electric Pineapple! wow! Just WOW! This is the kind of nail polish I have wanted in my head for ages!
Senorita Bonita - This looks beautiful and I love the little gold flecks running through it.

Cha Cha Cha - I am attracted to anything chartreuse, so it comes as no surprise that I love this!

Those are my favourite's, but there are three more...
Papaya Punch
108 Degrees
Blue Iguana

So what do you think? Do you think you'll purchase anything from the 'Island escape' collection. I must admit, I don't really get excited about new nail polish collections (except toxic nature) but I am really excited for this one, and I can imagine I'll have to be dragged out of the shop to stop me buying the whole lot!

Thankyou for reading

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

mac jeanious & viva glam gaga 2♥

This is the final part of my MAC splurge.
I'm going to try and get some reviews done after this post, something I feel my blog seriously lacks.. I don't know I just think I'm rubbish at them.

I wasn't really that impressed with the Jeanious collection, I thought the eyeshadows were too gimmicky and the lip products aren't to my tastes. Therefore the only thing that stood out for me was the 'Pink Cult' blush, and boy am I glad I managed to get hold of it before it sold out.

If I had to describe the colour I would say it is a very natural pale pink, with a hint of plum. This is the perfect blush for my fair skin, really natural and very flattering. It is a matte blusher and personally I find the pigmentation just as good as all my other MAC blushes (oooh would you like a MAC blush collection post??) I did go back to buy a back-up but they'd sold out. boo!

♥♥♥ Viva Glam gaga II♥♥♥
Lady Gaga is back with a new offering to the viva glam line. This time the lipstick is an amplified formula and is a browny/peachy nude. This is one of the best nudes I have used in a while, it is very creamy, pigmented and lasts well on my lips. It does settle into lines quite abit but if you apply a layer, blot then add more, it really helps. To be honest, I would have purchased this even if it was, I don't know.., as all proceeds go to charity♥.


Did you purchase anything from the Jeanious collection?? Or Viva Glam gaga II??

Thankyou for reading

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

mac supreme sheen lipsticks & swatches♥

when I saw the promo images for the new Supreme Sheen collection, I got really excited. The colours looked fab, and to be honest I have been getting abit bored of the 'normal' MAC lipsticks. I love the tubes of the new supreme sheen lipsticks much more than the original packaging, they are shiny, sleek and look really classy when you pull them out of your makeup bag.

There are 14 in total so something for pretty much anyone. I chose 3; Bare again, Gotta dash and Full speed. I have my beady little eyes on a few more but they are permanent so I don't need to rush out and buy them just yet. FYI - I tried to back to mac for 2 of these lipstick's but they said they were 'too new' to allow it yet, but eventually you will be able to b2m for them, so save your empties!
What MAC says..
"Combining the colour impact of a Lipstick with the shine sheen of a Lipglass, Sheen Supreme creates the perfect hybrid – with no compromise. Lightweight, non-sticky, slick to apply and comfortable to wear. This is a must-have for all those who have craved this kind of fusion."

They really are such a pleasure to apply, they feel to me much more like a pigmented lipbalm than a lipstick. They leave a beautiful shine to the lips whilst still be very pigmented,and long-lasting! You get 3.6g of product, as opposed to the regular MAC lipsticks which have 3g,  both cost £13.50 each.
Bare again is described as a Pinky neutral beige.
Full speed is described as a Bright clean yellow pink.
Gotta Dash! is decribed as a Pale clean coral.
Hopefully the pictures above give you some idea of how creamy they are? I would say they are comparable to the YSL rouge volupte's but a million times better in my opinion, because a/ they last, oh and b/ they are around £8-9 cheaper!!

I hope MAC expands this range, because I think I like them more than regular MAC lipsticks, and I loooove regular MAC lipsticks!! :p

Did you purchase any of these beautiful lipsticks?

Thankyou for reading

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

mac wonder woman purchases♥

You've probably seen a million blogposts on the wonder woman collection by now, but I just received my order this afternoon and I had to blog about it.

I had a list of 7 products when the collection images first started popping up, I then somehow managed to slash it in half and then some, vowing to only buy 3 products, but when push came to shove and it appeared online, I ordered all 7 products, which definately means I have failed one of my 'beauty resolutions'.

The packaging and products are so much nicer than I thought they would be -  I don't know why but I just thought they were going to fall apart in my hands, because people were saying how tacky and rubbish the prodcucts were. I absolutely adore the boxes and the over-sized products, it's just so fun to have something different every now and again. If my bedroom was a mish-mash of colours I would display the boxes on a shelf for sure.

I won't waffle on about the products too much, I just thought I'd share some pictures.. and some not so great swatches.
(Apologies in advance, my camera would not focus today!!)
Mighty Aphrodite and Amazon Princess (Oversized 11g)
£21.00 each
Pink Power MSF (MASSIVE 20G!)
  This is beautiful - I was slightly worried that the largest bronzer part was going to be far too dark and far too orange, but I think I can just about get away with it. The shimmery parts on both sides are gorgeous also, very smooth and nicely pigmented.
Reflects Pearls & Reflects Bronze (Regular size)
 Utterly stunning, I did take these off of my list but I know I would've kicked myself if I hadn't of got them. I managed to drop bronze all over the bathroon floor a few days ago, I didn't loose that much, but the bathroom is still covered in the stuff, even though I've mopped the floor 3-4 times since! hehe.
£17.00 each
Marquise D' Lipstick (Lustre - Regular size)
 This is actually amazing, it has the potential to become one of my most favourite lipsticks ever!

Emancipation Lipglass - (JUMBO sized )
This is a truly stunning peachy/pink lipgloss. Im not normally a lipgloss kind of girl, but I have found myself lovely them alot lately. One thing I hate though, is how hard it is to get the applicator out. It splattered all over me. Gross!
(Reflects glitters swatched over UDPP)
Overall I think this was a brilliant collection, bright, bold and just different! Now I can't wait for the 'Quite Cute' collection!

I also purchased I couple of bits from Supreme Sheen, Jeanius and Viva glam which I will blog about very soon.

What did you think about the wonder woman collection? Hit or Miss?

Thankyou for reading