Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Carbooting, IKEA and a sneaky Topshop haul

It's rare that me and my mother spend a day off together but as neither of us had plans for today we thought we would take a little trip to.....a carboot! I'm really not a fan of car boots to be honest but this one in Fitzwilliam I can tolerate because it isn't too big and the coffee from the burger van is superb! 
We struck gold today actually, someone was selling lots and lots of sealed make up, Maybelline falsies, baby skin (which I bought then lost!!!) to name a couple! I hauled a few bits for my kit as they're sealed and I also got an Estée Lauder lipstick for my own make up because it was only 50p!! (Obviously I would never use used make up on a client, I only ever buy used make up for my own personal stash, and I of course sanitise it! :-)) 
So the car boot was good and I wore my big black school looking coat so I didn't even grumble about being cold! 

From there we decided to pop into Wakefield to have a browse at Trinity Walk and I just happened to fall into Topshop on my day off and pick up some Autumnal pieces that have caught my eye lately 😍
Then, on the way to IKEA, we nipped to subway for lunch but they had the air con on and it was freezing so we ate it in the car, fine dining indeed!! Hehe.
And at IKEA, besides taking pictures of my dream bedrooms and kitchen we found the bargain on the day! A crockery set for 21p a peice!
 Dreamy kitchen!

Is it just me or does anyone else love a random day out when you come home with lots of bargains?!! 

Over all a fabby day, especially loved the singing on the car journey home. Moves like jagger, crazy in love and the bee gees. Cringey but a good laugh indeed! 

How has your day been?