Sunday, 27 March 2011

china glaze 'island escape' summer collection♥

All images from Temptalia.

I just popped onto Temptalia to see if there were any swatches of the 'quite cute' collection and got distracted by the new China Glaze 'Island Escape' summer collection.
 I am officially in love!

I am all about the bright nail polishes at the moment. I've been rocking Gamma and Radium from Illamasqua's toxic nature collection for a week and a half, and I've been thinking about purchasing some nail polishes from last years China glaze summer collection (poolside I think?), which had a tonne of bright/neon shades. I don't need to now though.

 I definitely have to get a few all of the shades from the new summer collection - they just yell summer when you look at them.
Electric Pineapple, Blue Iguana, Senorita Bonita
108 Degrees, Papaya Punch, Cha Cha Cha

Aren't they beautiful!?!

My favourites have got to be..
Electric Pineapple! wow! Just WOW! This is the kind of nail polish I have wanted in my head for ages!
Senorita Bonita - This looks beautiful and I love the little gold flecks running through it.

Cha Cha Cha - I am attracted to anything chartreuse, so it comes as no surprise that I love this!

Those are my favourite's, but there are three more...
Papaya Punch
108 Degrees
Blue Iguana

So what do you think? Do you think you'll purchase anything from the 'Island escape' collection. I must admit, I don't really get excited about new nail polish collections (except toxic nature) but I am really excited for this one, and I can imagine I'll have to be dragged out of the shop to stop me buying the whole lot!

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  1. Soo pretty and bright! I've been looking forward to the MAC Quite Cute collection as well, do you know when it's out in the UK? I think things are gonna go quickly.x

  2. I am officially in love with Senorita Bonita and 108 Degrees! *SQUEE!* xxx

  3. I'll bite and probably buy the whole collection...china glaze is fast becoming my fave polish brand

  4. OMG how perfect are these for summer! In my head i can justify buying all 6 becauseee if i buy them i really wont need any more polishes for the summer :) haha makes sense eh? Do you know where in the uk stocks china glaze apart from sallys? xxx

  5. I am in love! What beautiful vibrant colors

  6. p.s I am very grateful for the comments on my blog- I just started out :) xxx

  7. i love papaya punch! such a lovely colour, i cant say im too fond of the whole neon thing... just not me :\xxx

  8. I love all the colors! The names of them are too cool too! Pictures of make up and nail polish make me so happy

  9. haha love the cute names and colors!! soo pretty :) cute blog im your new follower do check out mine too :)

  10. I love these the pinapple one is gorgeous its actually making my mouth water haha crazy

  11. Thanks for following :)
    That Electric Pineapple is amazing!


  12. Thanks for all the comments girls :) Wish I knew when this collection actually comes out as i'm dying to get my hands on a few!

    Electric pineapple is my absolute favourite and if I could only buy one, that would be it :) xxxx

  13. I love these colours. The ones that stand out for me is Electric Pineapple and Papaya Punch. I will defo be purchasing those 2 colours from the collection!!

  14. Wow these colours are amazing, I love the papaya punch, 108 degrees and blue iguana. Definitely my favourite out of them all xx