Thursday, 31 March 2011

mac 'quite cute' purchases♥

This has to be one of the cutest collections I have ever seen. Packed full with pretty lipsticks and corresponding blushers, I would say this is pretty much a dream collection for me.

The main products that stood out for me were surprise surprise, the mineralize blushes and lipsticks! The eyeshadow palette did at first, but I couldn't bare the thought of ripping it to pieces like I did with my 'cavier dreams' quad, so I just bought 3 permanent eyeshadows I'd been lusting after for ages instead. The lipglosses are pretty, but although I've just blogged about my favourtie lipglosses, I would still choose lipstick over lipgloss, and that I did.

I did try to be good, saving up my empties planning to b2m for the lipsticks, but I'm very impatient so ended up ordering them the day after. I also really want the 'Quite cute' lipstick and 'Mischievous mint' nail polish, but I'm sure you'll know the site is currently down for maintenance. (FYI If you go onto their website now, add something to your basket and enter your email address, you will receive a code for a FREE 'haute and naughty' lash mascara worth £17.50!!! (you have to buy what you've added to your basket obviously.)

Okay so onto the loot...
Miss behave (£18)
'Light Beige with pearly mint green heart' I dont think this blush is beige at all! More of a gorgeous very sheer peach. I don't think i'll be rocking green cheeks anytime soon, so I think i'll try and dig my brush around the sides and use the green as an eyeshadow.
Giggly (£18)
'Light pink with pearly plum heart' I think that is a pretty accurate description. It's just as the description suggest a pretty light pink, perfect for everyday use. I find this one to be alot more pigmented that 'miss behave'.
Sakura (£18)
'Lavender with pearly deep red heart' Such a beautiful blush. I really hope I can pull it off without looking bruised though! Any tips on how to wear a lavendar blush?

Candy yum yum (£13.50-matte)
This is NEON pink, and I bloody well love it! I will probably never wear this out of the house, but I just had to have it (don't hate) My mum looked horrified when I showed her this! haha.
Playtime (£13.50-cremesheen)
Creamy intense violet, this is a more wearable version on 'Violetta' in my opinion. I hope 'playtime' suits me, because Violetta looks dreadful on me!
Playing koi (£13.50-satin)
Creamy white peach pink. This is the nude of the collection. Its quite drying and will empthesize any hint of dry or cracked lips! Not a good look. If you have nice smooth lips though, this is will look amazing. I definately need to get my lips into good condition before I can try it again!
St.germain (amplified)
 I already had this so I thought I'd just include a picture and swatch. This is such a popular lipstick and although i'm not completely in love with it, I do like it! It's a very pigmented, pastel pink with an amplified finish.

and finally the three eyeshadow I purchased..
Star n rockets -Dirty lavender with red/pink reflects
Digit -Soft pale violet with subtle shimmer (Satin)

Deep truth -True dark blue (Frost)
Overall I am really impressed with everything I purchased. When I get the 'Quite Cute' lipstick and 'Mischievous min't nail polish I will add them to this post along with swatches.
What do YOU think of this collection??

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and thankyou for reading


  1. wow you went crazy with this collection! I got playing Koi and I love it but agree it is quite drying..slathering on the lipbalm as I type xx

  2. Do you think? I thought I'd done so well with this collection lol. I think playing koi is my favourite, but i definately need to get my lips sorted, its weird because they dont even feel dry or anything. xx

  3. Oh my god! What an awesome haul. Those blushes look amazing. I am trying to ban myself from spending but think I'll have to buy one those!

    Nice choice of eyeshadows, some of my faves! :)

  4. Oo you got so many good stuff, Candy Yum Yum is so pretty! Maybe the green in the middle of the blush can work to cancel out redness for people who have redness on the cheeks? :P Otherwise it seems a bit of a random colour, but the orange is pretty!

  5. The blushes look so gorgeous spesh Giggly :) x

  6. Lucky you those are the exact things I want from quite cute going to get some online as soon as mac let me. I love the mischevious blush x

  7. brilliant purchases! especially loving candy yum yum x

  8. I love the look of this collection! I just don't think I'd actually wear most of it. Playing Koi looks lovely though, so may have to invest in that one!


  9. Oh gosh i have been staying away from this collection, but it is sooooo hard! Everything looks beautiful!!!

    Love the layout :) xx

  10. I really NEED sakura! Sooooo pretty :') xxx

  11. I put Candy Yum Yum in my shopping basket but I'm not brave enough to buy it!

  12. wow kudos for the UK for getting this first! :)
    I wanted the blushes initially, they look so cute, but they look sheer too. I may pick up playing koi lisptick and that's it.

    Great haul :)

  13. massive haul, great review hun, love so much of it xxx

  14. OMG I love, love, love your blog! Hope you can check out mine sometime :)...

  15. love playing kio going to buy it tonight

  16. Die sachen sind soooo schön! Hoffentlich krig ich da noch was ab:-)


  17. The lipsticks are all sold out here in US..I do love it a lot!!

  18. i love the playing koi lipstick, unfortunatly is was sold out everywhere :(