Monday, 1 September 2014

August Favourites

Pinch punch, first of the month!! Happy September everyone. I don't know about you but I am secretly a bit excited for Autum to roll round....mainly for the fashion and autumnal colours, of course the new winter coat and cosy evenings in watching the X factor and getting excited for the C word :-)

Today I bring my first monthly favourites in a while which I photographed on my very autumnal looking scarf (Primark, £5!!) 
It's been a very busy month for me meaning I haven't really had the time to be sitting getting creative or experimental with my make up on a morning so my favourites aren't all that exciting, but they are fab nonetheless.

Bleach London Rośe Shampoo £6 Boots

I absolutely love this stuff, Bleach London have landed on a winner bringing out this stuff for the impulsive girls like me and I'm sure plenty of you! Now, if I feel like dying my hair pink I can do it knowing it will wash out very quickly and I won't be left regretting my permanent my little pony hair! I love this rose shampoo, and the conditioner, it's none drying/damaging to my hair and the wash it gives is really pretty and subtle enough that I can wear what I like and it doesn't class. Definitely worth a go at only £6 in Boots.

Maybelline 'The Falsies' mascara in blackest black.

Now there isn't much I can say about this mascara that you probably haven't read already. It's fantastic, holy grail, perfection in a fushia tube! I have used this mascara for yonks, with brief affairs (and let downs) with higher end mascaras inbetween. I still get asked if my eyelashes are you guessed it....false! It's extremely black and extremely lengthening which is exactly what I look for in a mascara. Well worth the £7.99 price tag.

MAC Harmony blush £18.

I tried this blush many moons ago as a contour but I think that was before I'd heard the term 'less is more' and I definitely went with the pileitallllllonmyface and ended up looking a muddy mess. I sold that product only to repurchase a few years later and I love it! Used with a light hand in the right places it does a superb job at contouring and warming up my vampy complexion.

Maybelline Baby Skin Primer £7.99 (Boots,Superdrug)

I've never really been a primer girl after trying a benefit one which broke me out in acne that lead to me thinking all primers were bad. Until I found this on a market stall sealed for £2 and thought what the hell, I'm trying it! It is honestly fantastic, it smooths my pores out and indeed it does give a blurred/flawless look to my skin. I also find my make up lasts much longer and doesn't go as shiny as it usually does by lunch time. So happy I gave a new primer a chance as I couldn't be without it now.

Maybelline "Brow Drama" in Brunette £5.99

This isn't some holy grail product but it does what it says on the tube and it does it rather well! My eyebrows stay in place all day without looking crusty, harsh or hard which is never a good look. Definitely one to try if you're on the look out for a new brow product.

What are your favourites this month? Feel free to link posts below so I can have a nosey


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