Wednesday, 27 April 2011

chanel vitalumiere aqua foundation♥

I purchased this foundation a few weeks ago after seeing some rave reviews about it. I had £15 worth of beauty card points at debenhams so paying an extra £17 wasn't too bad, but £32 for a foundation. Jeezz! It better be good for that amount of money!

What Chanel say..

A new-generation texture. An unprecedented sensory experience. A unique makeup result. Rapid and easy application.

VITALUMIÈRE AQUA. Apply your makeup without thinking about it. Its soft and evanescent ultra-fine fluid texture is a real surprise: although exceptionally delicate and light, it offers an incomparable “second-skin” perfecting result. The complexion appears amazingly even, fresh and energized. The skin glows with seemingly nude beauty. As if lit from within. Bathed in light… Its formula, endowed with a UVB sun filter and mineral sunscreen, protects the skin from damaging sun rays (SPF 15). Its crystalline fragrance accentuates the sensation of freshness and pleasure on application.
Packaging - I have never had a Chanel foundation before, but I think they are all normally in glass bottles. Well.. I actually really, really like the packaging of this one. It looks like you get about 10mls of product the bottle is so small, but you actually get the same amount as the other ones, 30mls. I would much prefer all my foundations to be packaged like this, so dinky (small) and perfect for travel. It doesn't have a pump either (see picture), it's more like a little hole/nozzle/squirty 'thing', again really like this. It doesn't just pour out as the tube is squeezy meaning you are in complete control of how much product you want to use.
Application - As this is a water based foundation it needs a very good shaking before use or it will come out looking abit watery and 'split' looking. It is really so easy to apply. Shake, squirt, dab around the face and blend in with fingers, I found this the best way. I would say it is a light coverage foundation, definitely not enough to cover the couple of acne scars around my chin, but I would rather have to use a little concealer on areas of concern rather than piling foundation all over my face. It evens out my skintone making my skin look like my own, but better kind of thing. It's not too luminous either which I was worried about. It's inbetween luminous and matte which I quite like. 

It has spf15 in it too, which is always good as you are protecting your skin from the sun whilst also getting some decent coverage. It also smells gorgeous, really fresh, holiday kind of smell. love it!
Durability- I found that it lasted about 5-6 hours before I needed to touch up. I became a little shiny around my nose area, but I always do so I can't really say that this foundation made me shiny.

Packaging - 10/10
Price - 7/10
Product 8/10
Re-purchase - if I didn't find something better I would!

Have you tried this foundation? and what are your thoughts?

Thankyou for reading


  1. I have a sample and am really scared to use it in fear that I'll love it :P It's a good point that you'd rather use light foundation and concealer rather than full on foundation.. This sounds a lot like the MAC F&B from what I know, because it's waterbased and a lot of people say it gives them second skin!

  2. I have heard lots of good reviews on this foundation. Sounds great, will add it to my wishlist!
    Great review.

  3. Ah I HATE having to reapply! I used to use lancome which was absolutely perfect, and actually sounds a bit like this chanel one! (but half the price haha) but hate how weird it looks half way through the day! I'm using doublewear now. Perfectiono! But like you said, heavy ALL over the face, meh! xx

  4. I love Mat Lumiere, I'm on my 3rd bottle but it does pain me paying so much for it! I have a sample of vitalumiere but haven't tried it yet.

  5. I have never tried and unfortunatly due to the price tag enver will, might hint for debenhams vouchers at work for my birthday though as i've heard loads of good thigns about it aswell

  6. It sounds lovely, but I couldn't bring myself to pay that much for a foundation!

  7. that foundation looks lovely, it looked really good on your skin. can you buy this from boots or do you have to go to debhames and big departments stores?

    please follow x

  8. I wanna own chanel stuffs but my wllet doesnt want to. LOL

    I really find your blog helpful. definitely going to follow you! :D thanks for the review :)

  9. ooh i really want to try this foundation, it has a lot of amazing reviews :)
    check out my blog?

  10. I really just need to take the plunge and get this, need to stop putting off. every time im at the counter i swatch it, getting it v soon x