Tuesday, 3 May 2011

current wishlist - fashion&beauty♥

For the first time in a long time I have made a 'wishlist' that doesn't include just makeup. I am really trying to break away from buying from every collection I see, and sometimes most of a MAC collection. I really want to start saving my money and buying nice things. Having lots of makeup is nice, but when you think how much that costs... I wouldn't be writing this wishlist because I would have it all already! Shameful. I'm not saying I'm never going to buy makeup again, because I would be lying.. for instance I know I'm going to go mad (well abit mad) for the MAC collection in July (Semi-precious I think?) but for now, I'm going to try and cool off and stop buying so much makeup.

Anyway onto the wishlist...

Marc by Marc Jacobs Multi coloured logo watch.
I would be happy with either of these two gorgeous watches. Thinking I may purchases one when I go to London again.
Zara pleated dress.
Worn by the beautiful Kate Middleton on Saturday. I reallyreallyreally want it, she wore it so beautifully don't you think?

Marc by Marc Jacobs
Classic Q Natasha shoulder bag - Sahara. 'Ree' is gorgeous too!
Such a beautiful, everyday bag. It's expensive yes, but will probably last a lifetime.

Marc by Marc Jacobs (Obsessed much??)
classic logo studs
I want the white ones which I couldn't find a picture of, but these are just lovely, really tiny and affordable. Great gift idea too!
Zara - Pique blazer- fuchsia
I love this whole outfit. I am loving blazers at the moment and this pink one is perfect for spring/summer. I would wear it exactly like pictured. Stunning.

Essie 'allure' nail polish.
 I want to be Kate Middleton god dammit. She wore this on her wedding day mixed with Bourjois 'Rose Lounge'. I went and bought 'Rose Lounge' straight away, but I'm having trouble finding Allure.
Clinique 'Chubby stick' wooping watermelon.
I have seen these one a few blogs, and wooping watermelon is definitely my favourite.
Lancome Hypnose Mascara
I have always wanted to try this mascara. My friend has used this for a long time and loves it, so I fancy giving it a whirl, although £20.50 does seem crazy for a mascara!

What's on your wishlist?

Thankyou for reading


  1. I love that dress, so cute!

    Something I really want is the Chantecaille Sea Turtle Palette.

  2. I ordered Allure from enchantedbeautyspot on ebay they are in the USA but I've used them before with no problem :) I love that Zara dress too whats the bet its already sold out tho :(

  3. Lovely wishlist items, you have expensive taste ha x

  4. The Zara dress is so gorgeous! :) Great items! :) xxx


  5. I love Marc Jacobs! I adore his dresses and handbags.

    (I want to be Kate too :P )

  6. I NEED that watch!!! It is going on my wishlist right now! My boyfreinds mum has the Marc Jacobs bag too and its gorgeous xxx

  7. Kate is going to be THE style icon!
    lovely blog!

  8. That dress is so pretty! Kate's got such nice style, so stylish but very elegant at the same time. I love that pink blazer, too!!

  9. The jacket and the black and white watch are too die for!!!


  10. I love love love that dress! And that Essie nail polish is so pretty, perfect for manicures! :)

  11. Those earrings! You can get them on ebay for about 30 quid, I've got my eye on a red and gold pair. I love Marc Jacobs studs - they have the cutest backs that look like little bolts. I'm now going to hope the earrings are in my watch list and I can send you a link!

    YES! found it, but no white ones.

    This isn't my shop or anything shady, just thought I'd pass it along xx

  12. i love marc by marc jacobs, may have to get me one of those white watches!

    great post darling.



  13. I actually think that Zara dress and the Essie nailvarnish could be top on my wishlist :)
    A xx

  14. That Zara dress are stunning and she totally rocked them:) And the Marc Jacobs bag would go with it just perfectly:)

  15. Ah loooove the first marc jacobs watch so much! I really want a Michael Kors watch.

  16. Lovely wish list :)

    I love anything Marc Jacobs - those watches are lush! I really want one now!

    I have done a post on my blog on the Hypnose Mascara...it's brilliant - if it's any help at all Debenhams have it reduced by 10% online at the moment it's roughly £18.45ish?!


  17. All of the Marc Jacobs watches are on my wishlist now...lol.

  18. love all the zara clothes and bag, so beautiful! I bet that dress is now sold out after Kate wore it

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  19. a marc jacobs watch as well
    i love marc jacobs :)



  20. wow, kate looked great in that dress! i love it too! i also adore that pink blazer! :)


  21. Finally the face behind the blog. You look gorgeous in your blog picture. Thank you for you lovely comments, and yeah I'm wearing my converse on my wedding day. It's the one day I should truly be me. I cannot wait, but still have poop loads to do. Oh and for some reason it wouldn't let me comment on facebook, but I needed to say that those cakes you made are incredible. You are very talented indeed.

  22. I love Marc Jacobs, the bag is stunning and that Zara blazer is to die for! xoxo