Thursday, 26 May 2011

perfect summer lip♥

When I visited Meadowhall on Sunday I went for three things; Chanel-Mimosa, Chanel - 4 Facettes bronzer in rose and the Estee Lauder, sea star bronzer/blush. I managed to get these, but whilst my mum was talking to the Chanel lady, who was lovely might I add, I couldn't stop looking at her lips. Now I understand that sound's a bit creepy, but don't worry I'm not weirdo, she was just wearing the most gorgeous lipstick/lipgloss combo I have ever seen. I didn't dare ask what she had on so when she turned around, I pointed at my mum and growled 'lips!!!'. Thankfully my mum thought her lipstick/lipgloss choice was gorgeous too, so she asked. She wrote it down for me as I said I would get them next week, but I couldn't wait, so after a half hour wander around meadowhall I went back and purchased.. Chanel rouge coco '56 Teheran' and a Chanel glossimer in 'Venus 124'. They are both absolutely beautiful, especially layered.
'Teheran' is a bright coral with a little pink thrown in. It's not a million miles away from 'Costa chic' by MAC, which I have and love. I could have probably skipped this but I wanted 'Leannes' exact lip colour, so I just bought it.

'Venus' is my favourite of the two. It is a bright fuchsia with millions of different coloured sparkles, which make your lips look full, plump and juicy!. At this point I am wishing I had the 'skilllllz' to take good lip swatches, but alas I don't and if I did post the lip swatches I attempted, they wouldn't do these beautiful products any justice. Instead I have tried to recreate it on my hand.
Close up of the beautiful sparkles! The glossimer's feel amazing on the lips. Smooth, non sticky and have fantastic staying power, not that you would expect anything less from a £20 lipgloss!
As you can see when paired together they look gorgeous! What do you think? I think these two are going to be my go to summer lip along with these one's which I blogged about a few days ago!

What is your favourite Chanel lipstick/lipgloss?

Thank you for reading


  1. Really love the look of that Lipstick. I think I may need a close look!

  2. Gorgeous combo!

    I love Chanel Rouge Coco lipstick in 02 Perle. It's a pretty pink beige with a gold shimmer x

  3. I wanted Teheran and was going to buy it when I went to NY because I couldn't find anywhere that stocked it here... apparently I didn't look very far..? But I forgot to buy it! Gutted. May have to have another look :) xxx

  4. @Jo. It is reallly pretty Jo! I wil try and add a closer picture tomorrow :) xx

    @Amelda - Thank you. I will check that lipstick out. Loving Chanel's products atm xx

  5. oops sorry Mia.

    I *think* it was limited edition at some point from what I read online a few days ago. They has ALOT on sunday though, so I think they most have brought it back :)

    Thank you xx

  6. oooh they look pretty together.x

  7. Wow, the shade achieved when layered looks absolutely beautiful! :D Makes me want to try and recreate this with different products since Chanel isn't really in my budget. But thanks for sharing!

  8. Oooh beautiful together. I love it when i mix 2 different shades and it works well, its like your own unique lipstick lol xx

  9. Why Chanel lippies are so beautiful and so expensive? I wanna own all of them. Don't you? :)

  10. That lipgloss looks so pretty and sparkly. It looks gorgeous layered over the lipstick x